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Nolea Health is a leading clinical talent marketplace. Instantly hire from thousands of active job seekers in Mental Health and Allied Healthcare.
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How it works

We get results


Reduction in cost per hire


Total matches and hires made

19 days

Average time to hire

How it works

Candidates apply to Nolea

Candidates looking for  jobs apply to Nolea Health, but only limited percentage pass our bar

Algorithmic candidate matching

Our algorithm matches high-quality candidates with relevant, healthcare employers' roles

Fresh candidates weekly

Each week, healthcare employers get a batch of relevant, high quality candidates

Auto schedule intrviews

Healthcare employers send interview requests and auto-schedule phone screens from our jobs marketplace

Make the best healthcare hires

Healthcare employees find the right job for them, and  fill their vacant roles with the right candidate
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Achieve a 67% reduction in cost per hire vs agency fees

Find high-intent, ready-to-hire clinical candidates looking for their next role. Our AI assisted algorithm, matches you with candidates who have the skills you’re looking for, meaning you can build out your clinical teams quickly and effectively.

Use data and insights to inform your hiring strategy

Uncover unique data points about your clinician talent pipeline, including their skill set, specialisms, licensing, seniority, location, salary expectations and more.

Easily have access to rich data and understand key attributes including the length of your hiring process, interview-to-hire ratio and the diversity of your hiring pipeline, plus so much more.
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Spend less time sourcing clinical candidates

Boost efficiency! Our smart matching eliminates hours of candidate messaging. Request interviews with perfect fits, or dismiss in a tap. Nolea Health: 80% response rate, supercharging interviews.

Post your job for free on Nolea to get more exposure for your job listing.

Built for your companies' dynamic and changing hiring needs

Access Top Talent

List your open positions and get in front of the most responsive clinical job seekers.

Save on Hiring Costs and Scale

Nolea Health clients save up to 67% in hiring costs immediately wih our subscription pricing.

Cut Through the Noise

Our AI-technology is optimised for screening healthcare candidates so you don't have to.

Build Your Employer Brand

Showcase your company and brand story and shine a spotlight on your people, services and culture.

We Do the Vetting With You

Our clinician vetting service reviews top clinician talent using primary data sources - GMC, HCPC, NMC, ID Verification and many more.

Measure What Matters

Get in-depth insights and data on how your positions are performing and make adjustments to optimise for success.
If you need more hiring power we're here to help

How we match up

See what others are saying

We put our healthcare companies brands front and centre. While we won’t disclose our partners, leading healthcare organisations trust Nolea Health with their clinical hiring.

“Through integrating with Nolea’s marketplace technology, we are able to access clinicians at short notice in order to respond to emerging patient needs and reduce waiting times. We are able to do this at low risk, procuring practitioner time to suit our clients’ requirements. This has enabled us to adapt our own operating model, improving our own financial stability and health”

Mental Healthcare Clinic
CQC Rating Outstanding

"When we initially engaged with Nolea Health I was unaware of them as a provider and had the assumption that it was almost as an agency partnership. I can 100% say they have well-exceeded expectations. Our use of their jobs marketplace has not only integrated seamlessly into the hiring processes but has added a huge amount of value to our end-to-end hiring process and ability to hit our goals."

Managing Director
Leading Private Health & Social Care Organisation

"More amazing is the difference the Black founders are making to the world around them. Among the brilliant founders is Nolea Health which is closing the gap between healthcare supply and demand.
We are looking forward to seeing what they achieve next!"

Matt Brittin
President of Google EMEA

"Nolea Health really allowed us to shift the goalposts for what was achievable. More than doubling the size of our Clinical Psychologist team in the space of a year unlocked previously out of reach opportunities, whilst the foundations and training put in place by the Nolea Health team meant it wasn’t just a short-lived spike of growth for us."

Director of Clinical Services
Leading Private Mental Healthcare Clinic
For Healthcare Companies

Find out how we can help you scale your healthcare team

"We're growing quickly and need quality clinicians fast."
Hiring plans can be unpredictable, especially during periods of rapid growth. Our AI jobs marketplace platform enables you to access a diverse pool of talented healthcare professionals quickly and seamlessly. With our data-driven approach and extensive network, we have successfully filled hundreds of roles for our clients in a short period, ensuring strategic partnerships and delivering a strong return on investment. Discover more about our ability to hire at scale in our client case studies.
"We want to improve our recruitment process."
Establishing effective and sustainable recruitment processes is crucial for long-term healthcare employee growth. At Nolea Health, we offer more than just an AI jobs marketplace. We provide tactical recruitment delivery, strategic process building, and long-term planning to help you optimise your hiring approach. Our expertise ensures that we not only advise on process improvements but also deliver on your hiring goals, aligning our strategies with your business objectives.
"We want to reduce our recruitment costs."
Partnering with Nolea Health can lead to significant cost savings compared to traditional agency models. On average, our partners save almost 50% on recruitment costs. Unlike models based on commission per role, our pricing structure is centered around building strong, long-term partnerships that deliver a return on investment over time. Many of our partners have found our model to be more cost-effective than expanding their in-house team's capacity in the long run.
"We want to keep the hiring bar high"
Often, when hiring at scale or at pace, the quality of incoming candidates can drop. With pricing structures based around quick results, many recruitment partners are incentivised to hire the first candidate they engage, rather than the best candidate. By eliminating commission and focusing on quality long-term partnerships, we’re incentivised to deliver you the very best talent in the market via our jobs marketplace.
Q: How do I start recruiting using Nolea Health?
A: To start recruiting using Nolea Health, follow these steps:

Step 1: Set up a healthcare company profile by following the onboarding steps when you receive an invitation from Nolea Health.

Step 2: Add job posts to the platform; you can post as many jobs as you like for free.

Step 3: Search for clinicians directly from our network; this will provide a bigger pool of desirable clinicians.

Step 4: Match with candidates by reviewing their qualifications, experience and other details before you launch the full screening process.

Step 5: Start the screening process by using our built-in ATS, your existing ATS system, or the Nolea Conversations tool to connect with the candidate.

Please note that you can always contact our team for any assistance needed during the process.

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