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How Nolea Health's mental healthcare
clinician marketplace works

Clinicians create one profile to access multiple jobs

Create your own clinician profile, highlighting your skills and work experience and get matched with new work opportunities that fit your specialisms and professional experience.

Healthcare companies get speed and save staffing cost

Reduce Days to Fill from the 82 day nationwide average to less than 20 days — lowering costs and avoiding lost. Nolea Health has experienced, actively looking clinicians, ready to commit to ad-hoc and permanent roles.

The best healthcare companies, meet the best clinicians

Our algorithms make the smartest matches, but real-life human experts support each clinician and healthcare employer, making matches that stand the test of time.

Save costs and hire clinicians faster.

Nolea Health is simple, fast, transparent and our platform reduces time to hire by up to 90%, reduces sourcing costs up to 85%, all whilst ensuring compliance.

Cut the cost of hiring

Empower your in-house hiring teams to find the right clinicians with flexible pricing models to suit your needs.

Search an active network

Decrease the time it takes to search and hire clinicians by 70% with Nolea Health's ready-to-deploy clinician network.

Hire verified clinicians

We meticulously vet and verify the credentials of clinicians and pass on all verification data collected to make the decision and hiring process seamless.

Take the first step to finding your next healthcare job.

Spend less time applying

Increase your patient workload and connect with multiple healthcare organisations and healthcare systems in less time, with less effort.

Greater work flexibility

Reach a flexible lifestyle by choosing how many hours and days per week your want to work.

Control your schedule

Fit in shifts amongst your existing workload and decide on the approach and modality of patient work, to keep things interesting.

Join our clinician focused community

Connect with other like-minded mental healthcare professionals across Nolea events, focused discussions and exclusive member areas.

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Funded Startup Accelerator

Google Black Founder Fund

Innovate UK Fast Start Grant

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Leverage usage-based pricing

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Save on clinical workforce OPEX costs

Maintain monitoring and compliance checks

Reduce clinical operations costs

Optimise your  care delivery model and stay competitive

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New licenses in any state with a few clicks

Automated expiration reminders and license renewals

Speedy CVO credentialing

Powerful integrations and APIs

Continuous monitoring and compliance checks

Best-in-class security

Expansive payer enrollment network

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