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We’ve talked with 100+ leaders in digital health. This is what they care about.

Did you know that 70% of healthcare CEOs in the UK see sustainability as a key driver of business growth, innovation, and profitability?
Company Updates

Nolea Health Raises £1M to support its mission to build a new Mental Healthcare Jobs Marketplace

Nolea Health Raises £1M to support its mission to build a new Mental Healthcare Jobs Marketplace.
Company Updates

Nolea Health's DigitalHealth.London Launchpad Success: A Mental Health Jobs Marketplace Platform

Nolea Health is proud to announce its success in DigitalHealth.London's Launchpad Programme and its new platform, a transparent jobs marketplace specifically for mental health clinicians.
Company Updates

Nolea Health wins the Fast Start: Innovate UK award

Innovate UK named Nolea Health the winner of its Fast Start: Innovation for net zero and healthcare award.
Company Updates

Nolea Health x On Deck

On Deck Founders get the chance to showcase their startups, and we invite thousands of investors from our network to take a look.
Company Updates

Nolea Health: Winner of Google for Startups Black Founders Fund

Nolea Health was announced as a winner of the Google for Startups second Black Founders Fund in Europe
Employer Resources

How big of a problem is the UK healthcare staff shortage?

Approximately 160,000 mental healthcare professionals in the UK, representing approximately 5% of the total healthcare workforce.

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