How we helped a leading mental Healthcare Clinic achieve a 67% Reduction in cost per hire and reduced their time-to-hire to 19 days

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September 2, 2023
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“I was sceptical about hiring through a job marketplace platform for our clinical network, but we had to try it. Our patient response time and margins suffered, but Nolea Health made a compelling case. I can’t imagine having done this hiring phase without them.”

— COO, Harley St Mental Health Clinic

The Challenge

With a newly awarded NHS contract to deliver CAHMS assessments, the mental healthcare clinic required a trusted recruitment partner to help expand their remote-based mental healthcare delivery. However, scaling quickly brought the following challenges:

  1. Unsustainable and unaffordable internal clinician network: Over time, they realised that growing and managing their network of consultant clinicians became unsustainable and costly, hindering their nationwide scaling efforts.
  2. Time-consuming and resource-intensive recruitment and administration: They had attempted to hire using traditional recruiters, but the quality of candidates they received via CV didn't give them the transparency they needed to make an informed hiring decision. This process also proved time-consuming and resource-intensive.
  3. Declining care quality and clinical performance: As the company struggled to meet the scaling demands, clinical performance flags increased, leading to a decline in care quality and reducing the appointments they gave to some of their workforces.

Their stakeholders realised they needed support from outside partners, but internal Clinical Directors and C-level executives were concerned about potential cost impacts and delivery timescales.

The Solution

Nolea Health's job marketplace platform connected the customer with a network of available clinicians, and we allowed them to run a trial of our technology supported by our hiring team.

Within the first week, they received candidate matches based on their crucial hiring criteria, such as specialisms, location preferences, rate skills and experience.

Nolea Health's Ai-assisted jobs marketplace platform gave the mental healthcare clinic:

  1. Access to actively looking Clinicians: Nolea's gave access to and connected the clinic with a network of available clinicians, allowing them to receive matches or discover their candidates quickly.
  2. Cost Optimisation: Nolea transformed the hiring model by replacing multiple staffing agencies with a competitive monthly subscription for platform access and unlimited candidate matching and hiring. Instead of paying for clinicians directly, the client adopted a low-cost rate per patient appointment, ensuring precise scaling with patient demand fluctuations and cost-effective coverage.
  3. Data-Driven Insights: Nolea's marketplace platform provided vital data on hiring performance and discussed trends, enabling the company to focus on growth and optimisation. This freed up internal resources for strategic decision-making and business development.

From day one, collaboration, transparency, and partnership were the keys to building trust and confidence with this company's team.

The Results

Nolea Health delivered business impact within the first month of service. What we achieved:

  • Achieve a 67% reduction in cost per hire vs agency fees
  • Use data and insights to inform your hiring strategy
  • Reduce time-to-hire to 30 days or less and recruitment key steps with our automated candidate search and outreach.

Are you ready to reduce the cost of healthcare hiring and several AI-hiring technologies to boost your hiring metrics?

Discover how Nolea Health's AI-assisted marketplace can give you instant access to actively looking candidates and make your hiring strategy more efficient. Book a demo today!

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How we helped a leading mental Healthcare Clinic achieve a 67% Reduction in cost per hire and reduced their time-to-hire to 19 days

Nolea Health delivered business impact within the first month of service.
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