Unparalleled access,
unrivalled opportunity

At Nolea Health, clinicians come first. We're empowering clinicians to own their schedules and decide which work opportunities fit their needs.

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Experiencing Nolea Health

Nolea makes it simple: you work with as many companies as you want,
and we give you the diversity of conditions and treatment areas you would experience in a clinic setting - without the hassle of finding the partners yourself. Plug into our clinical network. We’ll show you how easy it can be.

Our process

We have remote telehealth jobs for behavioural health specialists
within a diverse array of specialties. Once your application is approved,
we’ll work with you on one-time telemedicine credentialing, a Website Manner review, and clinical protocol education for the telehealth opportunities
that interest you most. With the best telehealth positions available nationwide, you’re in the driver’s seat.

Access, efficiency, empowerment, and flexibility

We expand mental health access and empower clinicians to be at their best by putting their time on their hands.

At Nolea, clinicians come first

Access, Efficiency, Empowerment,
and Flexibility

We have remote and in-person work opportunities for mental healthcare professionals within a diverse array of specialties. The first step is to fill out the pre-application form so we can learn more about you to find the best potential virtual care job opportunities.

work with us
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