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It’s getting harder to find
the right mental healthcare clinicians.

So we fixed it.

Clinician burnout


We know
the problems
in healthcare

Retiring workforce

Uneven distribution
of clinicians

Long hiring process

Nolea's built for healthcare companies dynamic and changing needs.

Access top talent

List your open positions and get in front of the most responsive, remote-ready mental healthcare clinicians.

Save on hiring costs and scale

Nolea Health clients save up to 70% in hiring costs within weeks.

Cut through the noise

Our filters work hard, so you don't have to. Restrict roles to specific experience levels, specialisms to never see an unqualified candidates.

Build your company profile

Tell your healthcare company's story by creating a company profile, and shine a spotlight on your people, services and culture.

We do the vetting with you

Our clinician vetting service reviews top clinician talent and highlights candidates directly to you 2x a week.

Measure what matters

Get in-depth insights into how your open positions are performing and make adjustments to optimise their performance.

Nolea Case Study

See how a leading Digital Health Company Transforms Business & Sees Significant Savings With Nolea’s clinician Marketplace platform.
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Rapid job posting

Post your ad-hoc jobs openings in minutes

Share your job listing and let our network of active clinicians come to you. Have a specific search criteria? Easily search our network for perfect clinician matches.

Powerful search/ filters

Search unique clinical professional details you can't find anywhere else

Desired job preferences - clinicians specify unique preferences to confirm exactly what they're looking for.
Timing & relevancy - we vet all clinicians on our platform and ensure they are actively job searching.
Specialism - get upfront insight into the modality/ approach/ specialisms  clinicians can deliver.
Remote preferences - search by clinicians looking for remote, in-person work or a hybrid of both.
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Develop your competitive edge

How you benefit

Providing a great patient care experience is what separates you from your competitors.
We make discovering and hiring clinical talent a priority, so patients keep coming back to you.


Nolea clinical experts thoroughly vet, credential, onboard, clinicians for compliant, evidence-based care.

Unrivaled Quality

No specification too small, clinicians are aligned to your needs, constant pulse on your hiring and patient care delivery needs
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Launch & Scale Fast

Dedicated onboarding team, rapid ramp-up with full range of support services.

Ultimate Flexibility

Evolve your clinician needs overtime, scale cost with demand, blend async and sync patient care delivery.

See what others are saying

We put our clients' brands front and centre. While we won’t disclose our partners, the most innovative companies trust Nolea Health to power their virtual care.

“Through integrating with Nolea’s technology, we are able to access clinicians at short notice in order to respond to emerging patient needs and reduce waiting times. We are able to do this at low risk, procuring practitioner time to suit our clients’ requirements. This has enabled us to adapt our own operating model, improving our own financial stability and health”

Mental Healthcare Clinic
CQC Rating Outstanding

"The problem Nolea Health seeks to address is clear and much needed. Nolea Health’s healthcare staffing platform makes a good case for the placement of healthcare staff in a way that optimises the effective use of scarce staffing resources."

Director for Health and Life Sciences
UKRI - Innovate UK

"More amazing is the difference the Black founders are making to the world around them. Among the brilliant founders is Nolea Health which is closing the gap between healthcare supply and demand.
We are looking forward to seeing what they achieve next!"

Matt Brittin
President of Google EMEA

I highly recommend this healthcare marketplace platform for HR professionals. Its user-friendly design and ability to access in-demand clinical professionals in one place makes it a must-have tool. Time to hire is reduced and finding the right Educational Psychologists is made easier. A truly impressive solution!

Head of People
Educational Psychologist Clinic
For healthcare companies


Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Speak with an expert about how Nolea Health can help your hiring needs.
Q: What types of healthcare professionals does Nolea Health cover?
A: Nolea Health matches healthcare companies and systems with various healthcare professionals, including but not limited to: psychological professions, psychotherapy, clinical psychologists, child and adolescent psychiatrists, mental health and wellbeing practitioners, education mental healthcare, counsellors, CBT therapists, and more.
Q: How does Nolea Health support internal hiring teams?
A: Nolea Health will work closely with your internal hiring team to understand your specific operational and hiring needs, including clinician approach/modality requirements, number of clinicians and volume. Our goal is to develop a scalable partnership that helps you find the best mental healthcare practitioners for your unique needs.
How much does Nolea Health cost?
A: Nolea Health offers two pricing options to fit your needs: a monthly subscription or per-appointment pricing. Our monthly subscription enables you to hire within your particular range, while our per-appointment pricing allows for more flexibility and helps keep costs low and flexible with real-time demand. This allows for savings as your scale increases. For more information and to discuss pricing options, please email us at
Q: How does Nolea Health ensure I find the right mental healthcare practitioner?
A: Nolea Health has a platform that allows you to search our network of healthcare professionals and benefit from our Curate service.

Our process includes the following steps:

1. Our algorithms discover the best clinicians based on their specialisations, work experience, location, education, and readiness to look for new work.
2. The Nolea team then hand-selects the best of the best clinicians, invites them to be shortlisted against your work requirements, and sends you an email.
3. You can view the shortlisted clinicians and message them through the platform to inquire about their interest in interviewing or learning more about the role.
4. Within one week, you'll know if they are interested in the opportunity.
Q: How do I start recruiting using Nolea Health?
A: To start recruiting using Nolea Health, please follow these steps:

Step 1: Set up a healthcare company profile by following the onboarding steps when you receive an invitation from Nolea Health.

Step 2: Add job posts to the platform; you can post as many jobs as you like for free.

Step 3: Search for clinicians directly from our network; this will provide a bigger pool of desirable clinicians.

Step 4: Match with candidates by reviewing their qualifications, experience and other details before you launch the full screening process.

Step 5: Start the screening process by using our built-in ATS, your existing ATS system, or the Nolea Conversations tool to connect with the candidate.

Please note that you can always contact our team for any assistance needed during the process.

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