Increase Retention

Access, grow, and retain talent

As competition for talent soars, prioritising internal growth opportunities becomes vital. By giving employees visibility into possible, personalised career paths, Nolea Health empowers your healthcare employees to grow with your organisation, not outside of it.

How unlocking talent impacts your bottom line:

Tap into your talent’s potential

Your employees possess a lot of overlooked know-how and abilities. By offering 360° visibility into your people’s skills and interests, Gloat helps you unlock and deploy your workforce’s potential at scale and efficiently manage your talent’s supply of skills and interests against your business’s demand for projects and roles.

Attract candidates by building them a brighter future

Employees aren’t the only ones that care about career development. Candidates also want to see growth opportunities before they sign. As labor shortages intensify and hiring battles continue, why not turn internal mobility into the competitive advantage that will inspire top talent to join with confidence? With Nolea Health, candidates can discover relevant growth opportunities—from the very start of their journey with your healthcare organisation.

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