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How Nolea Health's jobs marketplace works:

Expertise in Mental Health Nursing

We've built a network of skilled mental health nurses who are dedicated to providing exceptional patient care.

Building Strong Patient Relationships

Our network of mental health nurses understand that building strong patient relationships is key to successful mental health treatment to strengthen your overall patient relations.

Compliant and Accessible

Hiring directly with Nolea Health means the Mental Health Nurses you hire are fully compliant and vetted on NMC and have completed other credentialing checks.

Work with Top Vetted Mental Health Nurses

At Nolea Health, we understand the importance of having a skilled and experienced Mental Health Nurse on your team to provide patients with high-quality care. Our network of highly vetted Mental Health Nurses is available to address a wide range of mental health conditions, including anxiety, depression, PTSD, and more.
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Manage contracts and payments with ease

Powerful clinician directory
Manage and communicate with all your hired clinicians, from any source, all in one place.
All contracts organised
Create, send and store your contracts at the click of a button, kept up to date with legislation changes.
Fully-compliant payments
Payments to all freelancers and recruiters, deduct tax at source when required, meaning you only have one supplier.
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How hiring a Mental Health Nurse through Nolea works

Create your job/ work brief

Specify your brief goals / open vacancy and with a few clicks and get matched within 24 hours with clinicians.

Find the best Mental Health Nurses

Select from a pool of thousands of vetted clinicians , available remote or on-site.

Manage contracts and payments

Easily manage all payments, contracts and communication through Nolea.
A transparent healthcare jobs marketplace

How much does it cost to hire a Mental Health Nurse?

The fees for hiring a Mental Health Nurses can vary depending on their experience and expertise. At Nolea, we provide a transparent fee structure and help both clients and clinicians offer competitive and fair prices for mental health services.

Calculate your cost savings with the Nolea Health Savings Calculator today.
Nolea Health Savings Calculator
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Nolea Case Study

Discover how a leading digital health company was able to transform their business and achieve notable cost savings through the use of Nolea's clinician marketplace platform.

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Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Speak with an expert about how Nolea Health can help you find new exciting work.
What type of mental health nurses are in your network?
The range of mental health nurses in our network varies depending on your specific needs, patient care goals, and business requirements.

Our platform enables you to filter through Mental Health Nurses with varying specialisations and choose the ones with relevant skills and experience for your requirements.
Why choose a Mental health Nurse from Nolea?
We've taken the time to vet every one of the Mental Health Nurses on our platform, which means you'll only hire fully-compliant Mental Health Nurses with the right skill set - and the right to work in the UK.
When is the right time to plan a Mental Health Nurse hire?
The right time to plan a Mental Health Nurse hire is when you are either planning to set up a new healthcare division or experiencing significant growth in your healthcare organisation.

Hiring a Mental Health Nurse can be a strategic move that improves patient outcomes and enhances the effectiveness of your healthcare company. By bringing in a NMC registered Mental Health Nurse, you can provide your patients with specialised treatments that improve their mental health and well-being.

Ultimately, the decision of when to plan a Mental Health Nurse hire depends on your specific situation and needs.

Consider consulting with our in-house Nolea Talent Team to help you make the best decision for your company.

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